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ESM Aftermarket Canopies

Firepower R/C is now manufacturing aftermarket canopies to be used with the popular ESM ARF line, for both axis and allied birds.  These canopies are an improvement over the stock canopies in both toughness and clarity... no more cloudy plastic!  Most of these items will be made available either through us, or our friends at VQ Warbirds at www.vqwarbirds.com .  All canopies require trimming & painting.  Firepower R/C suggests trimming canopies with lexan trimming scissors (designed for R/C car bodies), a hot knife, or CAREFULLY with a Dremel tool (with appropriate protection). 

NOTE: Firepower R/C continually strives to meet the demand for quality replacement canopies.  If you don't see your canopy available, and are interested in letting us "borrow" your original, untrimmed canopy to make a mold, contact us. Let's make a deal!

ESM Canopies available through Firepower R/C:

(Contact us for ordering & availability)

ESM Corsair canopy, 74" wingspan  F4U-1A version (original)-  $28.95

ESM Corsair canopy, 74" wingspan F4U-1D version (without braces in the canopy bubble), Firepower R/C exclusive- $28.95

ESM Spitfire canopy, 72.5" wingspan- $28.95

ESM Spitfire, 72.5" replacement radiator & exhaust kit-  $20.00

ESM BF-109 / ME-109 canopy, 73" COMING SOON- $28.95


ESM Canopies available through VQ Warbirds:

(contact VQ for availability)

ESM FW-190 canopy, 71" wingspan

ESM P-51B canopy, 71" wingspan

ESM P-47Dcanopy, 70.8" wingspan

ESM BF-109 canopy, 50cc

ESM Stuka "B", 80"

ESM FW-190 D9, 50cc

ESM SBD Dauntless, 72"

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