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Firepower R/C Testbed Aircraft


Alfa Corsair with Firepower R/C Corsair drop tanks and pylons, top.

Alfa Corsair with Firepower R/C Corsair drop tanks and pylons, bottom.

Hanger 9 Corsair with Firepower R/C drop tanks and pylons.  Super Tigre 90 for power.   This plane is fast and a little heavy (11lbs) due to mods, but still handles great.  Stock gear holding up after 3 years of high weight & grass runway use.  Glassed internal wing structure, custom navigation and formation lights, a REAL functioning micro rotating beacon.  A future product maybe?  Let us know if you think it should be!


Our H9 Corsair on a high speed pass... has been clocked at 106 mph (without tanks).


Same H9 Corsair taxiing back after another sortie.



Hanger 9 P-51 60 ARF recovered as "GUNFIGHTER" with Firepower R/C 108 gallon tanks and pylons.  Saito 100 for power.  Super sweet airplane... easy handling, great first warbird.  Hanger 9 has since discontinued this version.  New version from H9 will be here at Firepower R/C soon, and will get the pylons as well.


Alfa P-47 park flyer with Firepower R/C tanks & bombs... 7 channels.


More Alfa P-47.


Still More Alfa P-47.


Hanger 9 P-40... Not very realistic, but a great flyer.  The drop tank really makes this plane look good.  Too bad these were discontinued.

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